Teaching you the art and craft of a great talk.

I work with people at whatever stage in their speaking career – from giving a talk for the first time (emerging) to those who speak and present frequently (confident and accomplished speakers).
Elizabeth Toohig
All of you are great communicators. You all have something great to say. Most people have doubts and fears about standing up and speaking. That’s where I come in, Elizabeth Toohig The Speech Sculptor. I help people speak with clarity and confidence by teaching them the art and craft of a great talk. Everyone has their own style. What I love to do through coaching and workshops is to bring out people’s personality so they can get their message to everyone who needs to hear it. Speaking confidence is a skill everyone can master so that every talk you give is a treat for you and your audience.
The Speech Sculptor can help you improve your techniques, use more sophisticated tools and refine your work so that the talk, speech or presentation you give (no matter what size the audience or what occasion) is the best reflection of you.


1-2-1 Coaching

Using the elements of my trademarked TREAT™ system we Plan, Rehearse, Refine, Review your Talk.

Workshops For Individuals

Workshop themes include:
Speak Out With Confidence
Anchor Your Message
Using Stories

Talks & Workshops For Organisations

I can put together a training program to meet the needs of your group or organisation.
Learn about what makes a great talk:
  • Choosing your tools; the right tools make the best creations.
  • In the studio: finding and sculpting your unique material.
  • Exhibiting your message.
  • Reviewing and refining.
  • Having your audience (and you) buzzing about your talk for a long time after it ends.
Like a lot of things in life, the more you prepare the less nervous you’ll be. Of course, knowing what and how to prepare is key.

This is where I come in. I’m a Toastmaster speech champion and former Head Teacher, so I have a wealth of experience at my disposal. I help people to develop clarity, confidence and build a connection with their audience. I do this using my tried and tested process that I can share with you.