Testimonials from happy clients

Saved me time

“Saving time is one of the unexpected outcomes of spending an hour listening to Elizabeth’s online class ‘How to Introduce Yourself Brilliantly’.  In my introductions, I inadvertently made people play the detective to work out what I can do for them. I implemented Elizabeth’s advice and now I get my point across clearer and quicker – helping people make informed decisions faster.  Now I speak up, stand out and stay memorable.

Working with Elizabeth one-to-one definitely made my introduction talk more effective!”

Dr Lucy Rogers (Mechanical Engineer and Judge on BBC Robot Wars) http://www.lucyrogers.com

Enhanced my message

“Elizabeth has a knack for hearing the finest of altercations in our language, bringing these to the surface, and lovingly shine light on how the message can be enhanced and strengthened even further. Her guiding wisdom and process had me understand the finer art of speaking. Elizabeth listens in multiple dimensions and brings forth clarity, confidence, and bravery. Her TREAT process is a great way to capture thoughts, meaning, and purpose. With the foundation I now have, depending on the situation at hand, I am able to expand or reduce my message as needed.”

Maria Baeck  (Making the Invisible Visible – Creating Space for Connection, Reflection & Exploration, Co-founder at Sourcing The Way)  http://www.sourcingtheway.com

Knowledgeable and resourceful

“Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and resourceful on all things about a speech and her TREAT system is a comprehensive approach that covers everything you need to know and do. What’s special about this is the blend of excellent information and learning, alongside the focus on making your speech a treat for your audience and for you: it’s a great reminder that you can deliver an excellent speech and enjoy the whole experience and Elizabeth helps you do just that.”

Regina Byrne (Leadership Coach and Communication Expert )  www.reginabyrnecoaching.com

Clear and focused guidance

“Elizabeth’s clear and focused guidance helped me write my speech and tips for delivering my presentation at interview gave me confidence to stand up in front of others. She explained clearly how to write succinctly and include all that I needed to say in the time I had. Elizabeth showed me how to think differently about my presentation and to present the content through a personal story that worked perfectly. It made it stand out from other presentations and secondly because it was a real situation it was easy to remember and to deliver naturally. I never believed I could have presented with so much confidence; but I did and it definitely helped me to secure a place at Norland College.”

Hannah (Successful applicant for Norland College)

Empowered and motivated

“I attended Elizabeth’s ‘Table Topics’ (Impromptu Speaking) masterclass last year. Elizabeth’s ability to field impromptu questions is incredibly impressive, calm, expressive and able to deliver value every time. The opportunity to gain insight into her system was fascinating, but it was the way she used this system alongside a supportive yet challenging teaching method that really allowed me to develop my skills. There is certainly no doubt that Elizabeth is an experienced teacher and mentor and I have no doubt that you will leave a session with her feeling empowered and motivated to achieve even more.”

Dominic Stanway-Williams (Small Business Owner and Toastmaster member)